Why you should switch to green cleaning products ASAP!

Last year I made the effort to „green up“ my life. This means swapping out any conventional products for more natural ones. It all started with me cleaning up my diet. I thought that when I watch what I put into my body, why should I not also care about what I put on and around my body? I started with skincare and make up products. The last thing on my list were cleaning supplies. I hadn’t given that one too much thought until then. I was used to my mom’s harsh products that made everything perfectly clean. And I thought that this is what I should use. But then I started thinking why should we really surround ourselves with all these chemicals? Our skin is our biggest organ. And everything that comes in touch with it, will ultimately affect our health.

Green Cleaning Products
My clothes are getting clean and smell good.

I also saw my favorites bloggers (Lauren Conrad and Gwyneth Paltrow) and many more talk about green cleaning products. Thus, I thought I would give it a try. Green products have come a long way. They are not all eco/alternative anymore. Many new brands have joined the game in recent years with the aim to make green cleaning products more appealing. And they also smell better! I remember our neighbors using some kind of green detergent when I was younger and their clothes always smelled weird. Those times are long gone with brands adding essential oils to their products. Now everything smells like lavender or lemon. And who wouldn’t like that?

I mostly use the stuff by ecover right now because I have found that they not only smell great but also get the job done.


Ecover Dish Liquid
Ecover dish liquid with pomegranate and fig



Ecover Descaler
Ecover descaler with a nice lime scent



Ecover Softener
Ecover softener with apple flower and almond



Ecover Color Detergent
Ecover color detergent powder with lavender



Sonett Detergent
Sonett universal detergent with lavender scent



Method Universal Cleaner
Method universal cleaner with french lavender


For further infos and my honest opinion about the products listed above, watch the video:


Have you ever tried green cleaning products? And what brands do you like the most?


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