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My struggle with the perfect body image

Yesterday I got really down on myself. I had filmed a video for a kickstarter campaign for the eco-friendly yoga and fitness leggings collection I had designed (more on that on the blog soon). When looking at the footage, I did not recognize myself. I felt bulky, swollen and somehow manly. This was not at all the body I was striving for.

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Love your body this year

As you may have already read in this post, I’m a proud Tone It Up Girl since 2014. Every year they hold several challenges, each one under a different theme. The first one leading up to Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE! This is the challenge I first joined this amazing community full of gorgeous and radiant women. And it has remained my favorite up to now This year, it is especially important to me as I’m finally committing to my goals all the way! Continue reading “Love your body this year”