Kitchen Makeover: Favorite Kitchen supplies in January

January is in full swing but I still have the urge to give my home and life a massive makeover! While browsing Pinterest, I discovered the cutest kitchen supplies! I don’t own my dream kitchen yet but a girl can dream, right? If you are also on the lookout for some cute new kitchen supplies than check out my favorites below:


My favorite kitchen supplies
Cute kitchen supplies make cooking and baking so much sweeter


  1. Kitchen Aid KSM150 in Satin Copper – I have been dreaming about owning a Kitchen Aid since I first laid eyes on one. My mom bought hers a couple of years ago and I had the pleasure to use it too while I was still living at home. It really is amazing and faciliates the cooking/baking process tremendously. I still have to decide between the satin copper and the iceblue one. ☺️
  2. Anthropologie Lemon Squeezer in Turqoise – I’m obsessed with everything turqoise, teal, mint, you name it. Basically all the ocean color hues! Right now I own a regular lemon squeezer but seriously, guys, how cute is this turqoise one?! I think it is even too pretty to not display it on your countertop. It is unfortunately no longer available at Anthropologie. But maybe you can get it on ebay?
  3. Anthropologie Vika Sky Flatware – I have been eyeing some gold flatware for a long time now. I yet have to convince my boyfriend, though. 🙈 Maybe I should accidentally send him this pic? Also how Instagram-worthy would all my food pics be from now on?!
  4. Anthropologie Sossi Serving Set – Can you tell that I’m slightly obsessed with Anthropologie? They just have the cutest kitchen supplies! Such as this serving set that is a must in every girl’s dream kitchen!
  5. Anthropologie Seashell Measuring Spoon Set – I bought their pineapple measuring spoon set last summer (as you know I love me some (a whole LOT of) pineapple). But now that I discovered this seashell one, I’m kind of tempted to purchase another set. Oh well, I guess, you can never have too many measuring spoon sets, right?
  6. Le Creuset Heart Shaped Casserole Pot in Mint – With Valentine’s Day around the corner, this Le Creuset casserole pot would be the perfect gift of love! I just can’t get enough of its cute shape and color. Another item I would definitely keep on the counter for everyone to see! Unfortunately, it is sold out but can be bought on ebay.
  7. Magic Bullet NutriBullet PRO 900 Series – No day is passing by without me not using my NutriBullet at least once. It is such a life changer, especially if you live in a small appartment or don’t have the means to buy a Kitchen Aid mixer yet. My healthy lifestyle relies entirely on this little mixer, constantly busy mixing smoothies or pancake batter or puréeing veggies.
  8. Anthropologie Old Havana Cake Stand – Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you can’t bake the occasional treat. You may have to tweak the recipe here and there to make it healthy, though. And once you are done, it will not only taste delicious but also look heavenly on this beautiful cake stand.
  9. Maison du Monde Pineapple Apron – I discovered this cute pineapple apron while on a shopping spree at one of my favorite interior design stores: Maison du Monde. Think modern pieces combined with french chic. And if you know me by now I can’t pass up anything gold nor pineapple!
  10. Anthropologie Felix Cooking Set – If I wasn’t already a self-procclaimed chef, I would definitely start cooking more with this cute cooking set! Or I would just hang it in my kitchen and stare at it the entire day because I’m too afraid to get it dirty. Either way, this is definitely a must-have!


Alright guys, I hope you are just as obsessed as I’m with these new kitchen finds!

Do you have any kitchen items you can’t wait to get your hands on? I’m always on the lookout for new stuff!

Let’s get cookin’, good lookin’!


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