I dropped my phone in the toilet: Here is what happend!

While on set the other day, I forgot to go the bathroom before the cameras started rolling. Of course, I also had a cup of coffee and water before! Bad decision when you can’t use the bathroom for an hour! So I had to pull myself together 😱

Once I was able to go, I rushed to the bathroom, pulled down my pants…and heard a “splash” sound. At first, I was irritated where this sound belonged to and then in a matter of seconds, I remembered that I had my phone in my back pocket!!! Guys, the horror was real!!!

Thank God, I hadn’t gotten around to releasing myself yet! Imagine that haha 🙈! I immediately put my hand into the toilet bowl and fished out my iPhone. I patted it dry and saw if it still worked. As I had to learn later on, this was a huge mistake! To my surprise it worked just fine, so I put it back into my pocket and continued to wash my hands. When I left the bathroom, I checked again if it worked and this time the screen remained dark. I couldn’t even say I was devestated or freaked out. I was rather annoyed by my own stupidness and my mind was racing on how on earth I would afford a new phone!

Back on set I talked to the sound guy and he suggested I put it in rice to bind the water. I left it there for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, it did not miraculously bring my phone back to life. Back at home and coming through the front door, my boyfriend thought someone had died. Even though I had no emotions towards this incident in the beginning whatsoever, as the day progressed, I got more and more depressed. I run my entire business with this phone!

I think it mainly started bothering me when I watched everyone around me constantly checking their phones. For the first time, I realized how left out you feel when you don’t have a phone to constantly stare on when no one feels like talking anymore. But more on that later on.

My boyfriend happened to have one of these iPhone repair kits with the tools to open it up. I was surprised when I saw that it was still wet inside. We started blow drying it and it immediately came back to life. I was even able to type in my passcode. Slowly, all the missed messages came in and I felt a huge rock rolling down my heart. In this moment I fell in love with my boyfriend all over again, just because he was able to save my phone’s life haha. We decided to leave it open throughout the night and I was hopeful that I would have a functional phone in the morning again.

Well, I thought wrong. When checking my phone the next morning, it again wouldn’t turn on. My boyfriend then told me he would take it to an iPhone repair shop and get it looked at. Do you know how weird it felt to leave the house without a phone?! I felt so naked. The real bummer came when I got into the car to drive to work and realized I couldn’t listen to my favorite podcasts on the commute. I couldn’t even listen to my favorite songs on Spotify! Now I had to rely on regular radio stations which I haven’t turned on in forver because a) they always play the same boring music I don’t want to hear and b) their stupid talks bore the heck out of me!

I still own an iPad and I remembered to take it with me but of course I don’t have cellular network for it and with all the confusion I also forgot to download my Spotify playlists or the podcasts I wanted to listen to. So there I was, constantly switching between radio stations to at least listen to somewhat decent music 😁

lost phone broken phone wet phone iPhone got wet things I learned

So here is what I learned while being almost 3 days without a phone:

1. Never dispose of your old phone if it still works

When I got the iPhone 6, I kept my old iPhone 5 so that I could buy a sim card when traveling abroad. This turned out be a very smart move because on this particular vacay my uncle lost his iPhone and with the genius invention of iCloud back ups, we were able to fully restore all his data on my iPhone 5. This would have come really handy in this situation. So from now on I will always keep my old phones, just in case!

2. Have a “real” telephone at home, especially if you are working from home

When I started my business, I didn’t see the neccessity to buy a stationary phone. You know, as a start up money is tight. Now that I was stripped from my iPhone, I had to reschedule business calls. Of course you can always work your way around it by using skype or facetime (my laptop thankfully still worked). But some businesses, especially in Europe, are not that digitized yet and still rely heavenly on the good old telephone.

3. You feel lonely even in a room full of people

Without a phone and the possbility to check Instagram or receive Whatsapp messages, I suddenly felt lonely even in a room full of people. Whereas you used to have some kind of conversation years ago, now people tend to their phones when they don’t feel like talking anymore leaving you feeling a little left out. Since you don’t have a phone on hand, you start staring around the room. Let me tell you, it can’t get more awkward than that!

4. You are more aware of your surroundings

Not having the urge to constantly check your phone because…well, you kind of can’t, makes you more aware of what is going on around you. I felt like I better listened to people when talking instead of thinking in the back of my head what I could post on Instagram story next. I was in the moment, taking everything in and this felt kind of liberating. When I wanted to post my boyfriend’s sweet Valentine’s Day gift to Instagram and realized I couldn’t, I felt ashamed that I lost the ability to enjoy a gift without immediately thinking how I could display it best on Instagram!

5. You get creative

Not having this little all brainer in your pocket makes you more creative. You have to have your thoughts together when leaving the house because you won’t be able to pull up the addresse from the email when already in your car. You also can’t check the train connection on the go. You work your way around it and find different ways to handle a problem. I felt like it kind of refreshed my mind to think instead of solely relying on the technology in my pocket.

When I got my phone back all fixed, I was relieved nevertheless. Even though I enjoyed this unwanted digital detox, and will definitely make it a habit every once in a while, I also was glad to be connected again. Because secretly, I love to share everything on Instagram. 😉

Has something like this happened to you before? Let’s chat in the comments below!



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