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Daily affirmations to start living your happiest life in 2018

I first got in touch with positive affirmations when I started my health and fitness journey with Tone It Up in 2014. More and more, I saw them popping up on various social media platforms and even heard my teacher talk about them in yoga class. At first, I was sceptical but then I decided to give it a try. And that’s when their true power unfolded!

It is not soley about some sentence you are repeating throughout the day. It is more about the power these words have over your mind and ultimately over how you go about your day.

I use them for various occasions. Some days they are a great reminder to not give up and don’t get too caught up on the small things. On other days, I need a nice kick in the ass! I usually turn to Gary Vee then. He always knows the right things to say to get me out of my own made up bullshit!

I see myself as a spritual person but living in a rather realistical world, I find myself more often than not questioning certain things that are not accepted to be the norm (hello self-conflict). Thus, I decided to do a little test.

I had recently finished The Secret by Rhona Byrne, a book about the power of attraction (you probably have heard about it by now). In the book Rhonda talks about how we need to spend our days already being thankful for the things we want to attract to our life. Instead of saying ‘I’m wishing for more money’ you should rephrase to ‘Thank you, for all the money that is coming my way’. And that’s exactly what I did. For a week I woke up every morning and repeated the same sentence throughout the day: “Money is flowing to me. I’m open to receive.” I could envision all this money popping up on my bank account. And you know what, throughout the week I got several jobs and I received money from sources I had totally not thought about. I did not expect to see results that quickly!

Since then I try to keep a few mantras in my head and recite them daily. It does not always work to be honest. Some days, I’m pretty consistent with it and on other days, stress gets the better of me. So for 2018, I want to make it a habit again. And since I really saw the benefits of positive affirmations if practiced regulary, I would like to share this power with you!

I created printables of four of my favorite affirmations. You can pin them to your Pinterest feed, post them to Instagram or print them out and stick them to your mirror, computer or wherever they serve as a constant reminder to you.

Also a great way to remember your positive affirmations is to set them as your passwords. I read about this idea over on I’ve never really thought about it but in a world where you constantly have to type in passwords, this is an amazing way to never be shy of password ideas again.


Positive Affirmation #1
Download here


Positive Affirmation #3
Download here


Positive Affirmation #2
Download here


Positive Affirmation #4
Download here

For more inspiration, check out the collection by Tone It Up here.

Do you have any favorite positive affirmations? Please share them in the comments! I’m always looking to add to my list. 



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