5 reasons to add foam rolling to your fitness routine + a beginner’s foam rolling workout

When it comes to foam rolling, I was pretty late to the game. Stretching on the other hand, has always been a very important part of my fitness routine. I guess, I just lacked the awareness of how many benefits rolling out your muscles hold.

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My struggle with the perfect body image

Yesterday I got really down on myself. I had filmed a video for a kickstarter campaign for the eco-friendly yoga and fitness leggings collection I had designed (more on that on the blog soon). When looking at the footage, I did not recognize myself. I felt bulky, swollen and somehow manly. This was not at all the body I was striving for.

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This could be the reason why you are not losing weight

You know I’m slightly obsessed when it comes to healthy eating and exercising. There is no new food trend, superfood or workout I haven’t tried! But I found that at the end of the day it all comes down to eating clean and nutritious food. Easier said than done!

Because the food industry, too, has realized that people are on a wellness trip now and they are coming out with all kinds of “healthy alternatives”. Today when you enter a grocery store, many packages are labeled superfood, sugar-free, no added preservatives, organic and so on. But don’t be fooled! These labels promise a lot but if you take a closer look, they are mostly false friends!

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Why you should start meal prepping on Sunday when you want to lose weight

Happy Sunday, guys! ☀️☀️☀️

Today I wanted to talk to you about meal prepping. I bet you already heard about #mealprepsunday. When I first started my fitness journey, I thought I would be fine by just sticking to healthy and clean guidelines when choosing my food throughout the week. But when I finally hopped onto the bandwagon of meal prepping, I saw a huge difference in my eating patterns AND my bodyweight.

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My favorite lifestyle products: January edition

New year means a new start and the opportunity to make room for new products! Even though I’m a big Christmas fan (I can’t wait to put up all my decorations once November rolls around), I also love to put everything away in January and give my home a little spring makeover. Continue reading “My favorite lifestyle products: January edition”


Love your body this year

As you may have already read in this post, I’m a proud Tone It Up Girl since 2014. Every year they hold several challenges, each one under a different theme. The first one leading up to Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE! This is the challenge I first joined this amazing community full of gorgeous and radiant women. And it has remained my favorite up to now This year, it is especially important to me as I’m finally committing to my goals all the way! Continue reading “Love your body this year”


Achieve your dream body in 2018!

You probably indulged a little too much over the holidays. Who hasn’t! When I stepped on the scale a few days ago, I was in shock. It didn’t feel like a gained weight at all. Ok, I felt a little less tight here and there but overall I felt great. But obviously all the mulled wine and sweets took their turns on my body after all. Continue reading “Achieve your dream body in 2018!”