What to wear for the sporty, fancy or at home Valentine’s Day date

When thinking about what I wanted to do this year for Valentine’s Day, I had no clue at all. I kind of felt like I wanted to go to a fancy restaurant. But then it felt like spending lots of money while being served overpriced food with thousand of other “lovebirds” does not really give this day nor my boyfriend credit.

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My favorite lifestyle products: January edition

New year means a new start and the opportunity to make room for new products! Even though I’m a big Christmas fan (I can’t wait to put up all my decorations once November rolls around), I also love to put everything away in January and give my home a little spring makeover. Continue reading “My favorite lifestyle products: January edition”


Winter White

Hey guys,

winter is in full swing! Eventhough he doesn’t really show his best face here in Germany. Instead of dreamy snow, he gives us dark grey skies and rain. You can’t imagine my joy when I saw crystal blue sky and sunshine today! Continue reading “Winter White”