Best winter skincare routine for the late twenty gal!

As you might have read in the About Me section, I’m not big when it comes to anything beauty. With hitting my 30s in a few years, though, has me rethinking my game lately. Mostly because I saw the first wrinkles form which really freaked me out (more than I would have thought). So I did a little digging and also started following some beauty gurus out there. I especially recommend Lauryn Evart’s blog The Skinny Confidential as I find her suggestions to be real and genuine.

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Best hair products for the curly girl

Let’s talk curls! As a curly girl myself I know that this hair structure is not always easy to handle. But with a few tips and tricks you can totally rock your mane in every life situation! Continue reading “Best hair products for the curly girl”

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My favorite lifestyle products: January edition

New year means a new start and the opportunity to make room for new products! Even though I’m a big Christmas fan (I can’t wait to put up all my decorations once November rolls around), I also love to put everything away in January and give my home a little spring makeover. Continue reading “My favorite lifestyle products: January edition”