Achieve your dream body in 2018!

You probably indulged a little too much over the holidays. Who hasn’t! When I stepped on the scale a few days ago, I was in shock. It didn’t feel like a gained weight at all. Ok, I felt a little less tight here and there but overall I felt great. But obviously all the mulled wine and sweets took their turns on my body after all.

grocery shopping
My healthy grocery cart for the 5 Day Detox

Since I have some big plans for 2018, I knew I had to get a grip on my nutrition. I have always been amazing when it comes to exercise. For almost four years now, I’m getting up every day and workout for at least 30 minutes. Food on the other hand…not so much. I just LOVE to eat!!! Seriously, I could eat all day long. It’s crazy!!!

Unfortunately, my love for food slightly collides with the vision I have for my body. This has been a constant struggle of mine leading back all the way to my teenage years and causing me to try some VERY unhealthy diets. I know many of us women are facing this challenge, even the ones you would never expect to.

My focus shifted when I came across the Tone It Up girls in April 2014. These two bombshells with their beautiful bods and positive energy taught me how to eat healthy while simultaenously not depriving myself of things I loved (champagne, chocolate, and cheese, anyone?!). And who doesn’t want to work out with trainers who feel like your best friends on the beach in sunny California? Especially when you live in grey and cold Germany? Exactly!

As I mentioned before being active and working out has never been a problem for me. It all comes down to the food! I’m so spoiled when it comes to food. Growing up in an environment where dining out was a weekly staple and visiting gourmet restaurants was just normal, the adjustment is REAL!!! So I must admit that I don’t like most of the recipes many trainers suggest, including the ones in the Nutrition Plan by the Tone It Up girls. This is probably why it is so hard for me to stick to it. I’m not the kinda gal who just eats. I eat because I like the food I’m putting into my mouth!

5 Day Detox Meal Prep
Ready to meal prep

Nevertheless, I’m also frustrated with my results lately. So when TIU launched their 5 Day Detox Plan that does involve REAL food, I was totally in! I’m just curious to see what happens when I actually stick it out! And I encourage you to do the same! Check out their website here and the 5 Day Detox Plan here.

So far I’m two days in and I feel a little bloated. But I think that comes from all the bloating foods involved such as broccoli and brussel sprouts. I will definitely post my updates and would also like to hear your experiences, either in the comments section below or on Instagram.

Let’s make 2018 our healthiest and fittest year yet!



P.S.: I will definitely work on some recipes that are healthy without compromising too much taste. Stay tuned for those to come soon!

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