About Me




Hey guys!

My name is Madeleine Stanev and I’m 27 years old. From an early age on I knew exactly what I wanted out of life. I was one of the few in my class that also knew what her career path would like. Fast forward a few years later and nothing happened as planned. I graduated college with the intention to become a news anchor. Multiple job applications later and I received one rejection after another. Starting to overthink my entire plan and looking at the recent development in this field, I realized it would be better to start a youtube channel. A few months in I felt not the fulfillment I had hoped for. Going back to my original plan, I signed up for a news anchor coaching class. As funny as it sounds but that’s when I saw what this job is really about and that it might not be what I thought all along. Yes, I spend a shitload of money on this course but this has also helped me to better differentiate between dream and reality. Sometimes you have to lose in order to win!

Between all of that I also started my own company together with my boyfriend. This experience has been an entire roller coaster in itself. Out of the blue I thought it would be an amazing idea to launch an eco-friendly leggings collection for women. Since I’m a huge fitness nerd and have also always been interested in fashion, I found it be a great idea! And don’t get me wrong, the idea is great. But I don’t feel as passionate about it as I’d like to. Founding and growing a business comes with so many obstacles you are only ready to face if you are really passionate about what you are doing. This is one life lesson I have learned during this journey. 😉 But since I’m not a quitter, I will continue to work on that idea or at least get it ready to launch. What will happen afterwards? Well, only the stars now.

You are probably asking yourself by now why on earth I started this blog?! The BTS story could fill a hundred pages but I try to keep it short and sweet. Still on the journey on finding my true passion, I remembered a section I read in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. There she talks about a client of hers that found her true passion after getting rid of multiple books and only keeping the ones that appealed to her. By looking at these books she realized one recurring theme that then became her career. So I started looking at my books. The books that appealed to me the most where all about fashion! I then thought a little further back and remembered that I loved to flip through fashion magazines when I was younger. I also remembered that it was my dream to become an editor-in-chief at a fashion magazine. When blogs became a thing, I also dreamed about becoming a fashion blogger. Somewhere along the way this original dream of mine got lost. Or I started and then discontinued doing it due to the lack of time.

So here I am in 2018 going back to my roots in the hope to find my purpose in life and also to bring you as much value as possible along the way!

What you can expect:

  • Real life fashion! I know there are plenty of fashion bloggers out there but most of them feel so unreal like shiny plastic. I will bring you fashion inspo right from my heart. Yes, there will be the occasional splurge involved because I’m just a sucker for designer everything! But that doesn’t mean that I don’t wear affordable clothes as well. And there are plenty of cheaper brands that offer cute clothes. You just have to find them and pick the right pieces 😉
  • Fitness and Food! I have always been a very active person. My passion continued to grow when I discovered the Tone It Up girls in April 2014. Since then I’m currently in the kitchen recipe testing and trying different workouts. I can’t wait to share everything with you and maybe inspire you to join me on my fitness journey.
  • Pack your travel bags! Ok guys, if I could do anything in life and make money, it would be traveling. I just love to explore new places and get to know new cultures. I always feel so refreshed and more open when returning from a trip. I went on my first vacation to Portugal when I was 1 year old and have visited many countries ever since. So of course I picked up a few hacks along the way I’m dying to share with you!
  • …and everything in between! I’m not a huge beauty nerd but as I’m getting older (this sound so cliché 😁) I’m getting more interested in it. So stay tuned for some beauty tips and tricks. I’m also getting more and more interested in the holistic lifestyle and trying to live as green as possible. Recently I swapped out all my conventional cleaning supplies with natural ones. And there is surely more to come!


I can’t wait to take you with me on this journey!